Trilateral report on baptism by Lutherans, Catholics, Mennonites released

News release
30 July 2020

Representatives of the Catholic Church, the Lutheran World Federation, and the Mennonite World Conference met periodically from 2012-2017. These trilateral Conversations focused on the understanding and practice of Baptism in light of contemporary missional challenges facing these Christian communities.

The final report entitled Baptism and Incorporation into the Body of Christ, the Church summarizes the outcome of these Conversations. The text is published together with a Catholic Commentary authored by Professor Peter Casarella (Duke University, USA). The report is published as a study document in the hope that through wide diffusion, both within the three communities and among Christians in general, it will contribute to better mutual understanding on the mystery of Baptism and greater faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

The report treats three fundamental themes: 1) the relationship between Baptism, sin and grace; 2) the celebration of Baptism and the communication of grace and faith in the context of the Christian community; 3) the living out of Baptism in Christian discipleship.

The publication of the report was announced by a joint communiqué issued for the publication of the report.

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